Hello, I’m Sarah Beckwith

I help successful but stuck, entrepreneurial women remove negative patterns that hold them back from their next up level *

*Basically, I help you sort your sh*t out and then let it go! 



Do you feel ‘stuck’ and find yourself repeating the same patterns or in the same situation time and time again? Do you feel like something is missing?  You know you want to move forward. You are ready to step up to your next level in life and business – you just don’t know how to.  This is where I come in.

i can help you:

to be effective in your decision making

to stop repeating the same mistakes

To stop feeling overwhelmed and stuck

To create an organised and decluttered environment

to find peace with someone or something that you feel 'incomplete' with

to be free of anxiety

to establish Boundaries

to create powerful change for the life you have always wanted

our work together can include:


More than just ‘positive thinking’. We together work on your behaviours and strategies to create the change you wish to achieve.  


An incredibly powerful process that works in conjunction with your unconscious mind to release ‘negative’ emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions to create the  future you desire.   


All hypnosis is self hypnosis. It is nothing like you have seen on the TV or on the stage. It is very much a ‘do with’ process  not a ‘do to’. You are in complete control at all times.     


Very simply, ritual and ceremony is a tool that gives us the freedom to take responsibility for the direction of where our live are heading. It is also used to enable you to feel a sense of resolution with the past.


 I’m Sarah.

I help people navigate chapter endings in life, love or business and move forwards with grace and ease to new beginnings.

 We can be searching for ‘closure’ in any area; the past, childhood, careers, friendships or relationships and love.  

 Oh, especially in love!