Hello, I’m sarah

helping you declutter and organise your mind, life and spaces


…the smallest change can be a catalyst for the biggest transformation…

about me 

I am so happy to see you have found your way here. Welcome to my little space on the world wide web. You may be a little curious about who I am and how I came to do this work.

You see, I have always loved to organise.  And I love nothing more than a good ‘chuck out’. The fresh start feeling it gives me, is one of my favourite feelings. If I am feeling a bit low (like we all do from time to time) and need a bit of motivation, decluttering has been my ‘go to pick me up’. It’s like I see it all messy and overwhelming and by the time I am finished, I feel calm and energised at the same time. I see order within the chaos. Theres something in even the smallest transformations.

I am certified with an accredited Diploma in Decluttering and Organising and I am a Certified Mindset Coach and a Time Line Therapist®. 

I am a life long learner (and un-learner, depending on what the situation is!) and I love attending various workshops and courses on all sorts of subjects to help myself and others in their lives too.  During my time over the years coaching and mentoring women of all ages, I have honed my practice and methods, not just with decluttering and organising but holistically. My own life experience and healing journey are instrumental in my work with others.

I am dedicated to helping people create the space and home that works for them, letting go of what no longer serves them and helping them reconnect to who they are (as I believe our environments are an extension of our selves) and their space therefore creating the life and home that they desire and deserve.

I am incredibly passionate about helping people heal after ‘life events’ such as bereavements, relationship endings and children flying the nest. When we don’t ‘complete’ with these events, they show up in our present and affect our future and happiness.

I am also a mum to a 23 year old daughter and a British Shorthair Lilac rescue cat called Lila. I am also an Auntie EIGHT times over, to 7 boys and 1 girl!

When I am not working, you can find me either reading, watching the sunset, organising my ‘stuff’ (yes, I do it in my spare time too!) or relaxing at my local spa.

If you would like to find out how you can work with me then please click here  

Sometimes, the first thing you have to do in order to receive, is to let go”


Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 2014
Certified Master NLP Coach Practitioner (ANLP) 2014
Master Practitioner of Time Line™ Therapy and Hypnosis 2014
International Catalyst Coaching Certificate JRNI (The Angry Therapist John Kim) 2017
Certified Life Coach (Equivalent Level 7) *Course Accredited IAPCM 2018 
Mindset Coach Certification MCA (CPD) 2019 
Professional Decluttering and Organising Business Diploma (Distinction) 2021

I have also attended workshops, courses, masterminds with thought leaders such as Donna Lancaster, Scott Stabile, David Richo, Paul Carrick Brunson, John Kim (aka The Angry Therapist), Denise Duffield-Thomas, Judy-May Murphy and Marianne Williamson.