Here are a few kind words from people I’ve helped in the past

“Sarah has a wonderful combination of innocence and wisdom that sets her apart from the rest. She is able to look with fresh eyes at any situation and bring a depth of lived knowledge and experience to her coaching. Sarah is also very funny and very honest. A winning combination in my book.”

Donna Lancaster ~ Co-founder of The Bridge Retreat. UK 

“Sarah knows, firsthand, the power of making brave choices in the face of fear, and she’s wildly gifted at awakening people to their own power. In so doing, she opens them up to beautiful new possibilities and connections. I have been touched by Sarah’s light several times, and believe deeply in her and the work she offers.”

Scott Stabile ~ Author of Big Love. USA

“Sarah Beckwith is the most talented organizer in the world. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Here is just one amazing hack she helped me with: hanging my charts alphabetically on skirt hangers! This has changed my life! Thank you, Sarah!”

Risa C ~ Music Teacher, Toledo,OH

“Before I came to Sarah, I had tried many different therapies, but nothing seemed to have really pushed my dark feelings very far away. I decided to try a different therapy and found Sarah’s details by chance. I felt a good connection and confidence in her very quickly.
Throughout the processes, Sarah was warm, kind, sensitive, receptive and honest. Of course, the methods must be factored in, but I believe Sarah to be key to the great progress I made. Because I felt able to be so open with her, she was able to understand my real issues, and this allowed her to guide me in resolving them over the long term.

Sarah’s methods have helped me to change the way I view my problems and how I view myself, beyond anything I could have hoped for. I am so different from that person from 24 months ago, and a big part of that change started with Sarah.”

Felicity Chapman – UK

Sarah is kind and very easy to talk to. Working with her has been amazing, she has guided me to make decisions I didn’t think I was capable of figuring out. Her insight has assisted me on a path of clarity in the right direction. I couldn’t have chosen a better coach.”

Donielle Roberts ~Life Designer. USA

“Sarah’s Coaching helped me move through a dark time in my career, and I will be forever grateful for her support and belief in me.

At first, I didn’t really know what I wanted to gain from Coaching. I was going through a tough time at work and felt a bit lost. However, with Sarah’s guidance, support and unwavering belief in my abilities, I was able to navigate through this phase. And I came out the other side with some meaningful goals to work towards, a belief in my own ability that I can do it and that I can achieve what I want to achieve.

The grief ritual that Sarah took me through and the many ways that I can now centre myself was invaluable and was very much appreciated.”

Gennette Black ~ UK