“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” ~ Marie Kondo



Using my bespoke framework Sarah’s Way®, to declutter, organise and transform your mind, life and spaces, I help you let go of what no longer serves you, making way for something new. 

I love to declutter and organise just about anything, and I aim to find the joy whilst we go about creating the space that you will love. My mission is to take you from overwhelmed and stuck to calm and organised. 

When we have decluttered your space,  we will make your spaces work much better for you, saving you time, frustration and energy. No more hunting for things! 

I am incredibly passionate about helping people heal themselves and their spaces after ‘life events’ such as bereavements, relationship endings and children ‘flying the nest’. 

To find out how we can work together, please scroll down. 

are you ready to feel lighter, clearer, a sense of achievement and worth?

well, its your time to breakthrough the clutter and shine…

Let’s begin…

THE Start somewhere Strategy decluttering Session ~ Virtual Visit – 60 mins 

Do you need help getting going?  Not sure where to start? Want to just get started so you can get sorted? Then this is the ideal session to help you get started on your decluttering and/or releasing  journey.

Whether you need to clear some of your clutter out of your surrounding space or old limiting beliefs from your mind, then this session will give you the focus, clarity and motivation to take that first step.  As we all know taking that first step is often the most overwhelming and hardest. But with me, I promise it won’t be!

More Details

This virtual 60 mins session designed to help you get started. By the end of the session, you will have clarity, a plan of action and tips and tools to take away and implement for your area of choice.  If it is decluttering of your physical space, this will include a quick initial assessment of  the space of your choosing and we will even get it started (and for some – done!) This also includes an email check in a few days later to keep you accountable.

This is carried out over Zoom (or other video link). 

declutter and organise your mind, life and spaces

Areas included are Hallways, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Offices (home), Playrooms,  Utility Rooms, Garages, Attic, Out Buildings including sheds.  

Wardrobe editing and bespoke areas can be included.

Working hours are usually 9.30am till 5.30pm Monday to Friday although arrangements can be made to work around or extend these hours.

Prices include planning session (up to 60 mins) 

Storage and space saving solutions – please do not purchase any additional items for storage until we have decluttered as we may be able to use storage/items to store from around the home.

Moving home? And need help – book a call to discuss.

If you do not see the solution/service here, please book a call to discuss. See price guidelines below

More Details / Pricing Guidelines

Prices start at £50ph (plus travel if in person)  (usually minimum 3 hours session if in person) 

Weekend Rates £60ph (plus travel if in person)

After 5.30pm weekend rates apply. 

Each additional person £120 per day plus travel (to be confirmed on call)

Please book a call for more details. 

frequently asked questions




A decluttering session is a professional service to support you to sort through your items that you no longer love, want or need in your home and your life. We then create places for the items that you do love and need, and create systems that help you keep organised and tidy. 

Yes, you would need to be present at the sessions when we declutter. This is because you have to make the decision of what stays and what goes. I promise you, your decision making muscle does get stronger as time goes by – however I am unable to make the decision for you! 

However, if you need me to organise your already decluttered space then you don’t have to be present for that session.

I am embarrassed, it's so messy. Will you still work with me?

I am very experienced and I have seen it all, it’s okay. Please remember, there is no shame and no blame. I am here to help you. And you do not need to do anything prior to me arriving either!

However, if you suffer from Hoarding Disorder and you need some help please contact www.helpforhoarders.co.uk

how much time will be required?

This varies greatly. It really depends on what and how much is involved and the speed in which you are able to make decisions. The best thing to do is contact me via the booking link for a 15 min enquiry consultation.  This is usually carried out via ZOOM video. 

What if i get Emotional and/or don't want to get rid of an item?

It’s perfectly natural to have emotions arise when decluttering

I understand there can be grief when letting go of what no longer serves us, even though its what we want/need to do. I am able to support you through this with various tried and tested tools and techniques and have many years experience of this through my coaching work. 

And I will never force you to let go or get rid of any of your belongings.

My role is to help you sort through your belongings, clutter or stuff however if you don’t want to let go of anything, then I may have to gently remind you why you have hired me! But it’s always your decision, your choice, in what item stays or remains in your home. 

do you dispose of items and take items to the charity shop?

If you have a lot of refuse items you may want to arrange a skip or arrange for a collection as we will only take a boot amount to the local charity shop (although this may change during Covid times)

Please book a call for more details

how do we work together? online or in person?

I am able to work both online virtually and in person with clients. Virtually is usually via ZOOM, FaceTime or WhatsApp video. It works very well, you can be anywhere in the world! I also love to work with you in person, I LOVE to be hands on!


I have more questions!

No problem! Send me a message via the contact form or to connect with me a bit quicker you can reach me via Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn messengers.